What Is Dimpleplasty and Why Are So Many Millennials Getting It?

Growing up, we watched celebs like Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan and Tom Cruise with their adored dimpled smiles and wished we had the same feature as well. Being one of the most attractive facial attributes, dimples have always been the hottest beauty trend among young people and millennials are no stranger to this common fad. Though it is a purely a genetic feature, but thanks to plastic surgery, surgically getting dimples has now become a reality. Dimple creation surgery called Dimpleplasty is gaining popularity among today’s millennials who are willing to go under the knife to adorn one of the most desired physical traits.

Basically, dimples are small indentations that usually occur on the cheeks or chin and only appear when a person is smiling. Technically caused by a genetic defect, dimples are created when the skin of the cheek is directly attached to the cheek muscl Preity Zintae through a small, naturally occurring hole. Smiling cause the cheek muscles to contract, pulling the skin tight and allowing dimples to appear.

While it is a natural feature, the recent advancements in plastic surgery have made it possible for people to have dimples with a simple procedure called dimpleplasty. It is a cosmetic treatment which is done in less than an hour to create dimples. Being an outpatient procedure, it is performed when the patient is under local anesthesia. The cosmetic surgeon then creates a small incision inside your mouth and using a small surgical instrument, he/she will make a small cut in the muscles of your cheek and will attach the muscle directly to the skin inside your mouth. This will create dimples that will be present at all times for the first few times, but then with time, it will appear only when you smile. Shahrukh Khan

Here are a few of the many benefits of the procedure making it so popular among millennials:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Only 1-2 days of downtime
  • Instant results
  • Short 1 hr. procedure
  • No visible scars or incisions
  • Customizable to achieve your ideal look
  • Create natural looking dimples
  • Permanent results
  • Add character to your look

The recovery period for dimpleplasty is fairly less ranging from a day or two, where the post-surgery effects are minimal including mild bruising on cheeks, swelling, slight pain, and discomfort. Most side effects due to the procedure heal within a couple of days and one can see the results immediately. A good candidate for dimpleplasty is anyone who wants to have dimples. The procedure can be performed on all skin types and skin colors. Ideal candidates should be in good health and should not have any cheek infections. 

Tom Cruise

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