Things to Know About Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

Things to Know About Rhytidectomy (Facelift)

Every one wants to look attractive for life but this runs against the fundamental law that relates to aging, its signs & symptoms. Most of us start to loose the vigor and youthful look as we age and the most noticeable signs appear on the face skin that begins to sag and developed deep folds in later stages. While the market is full of cosmetics and assurances about anti-aging effects, some niche techniques have been also developed in surgery and medicine that are aimed at lessening the effects of age. Rhytidectomy or the facelift procedure is a type of cosmetic surgery in which the age-induced folds and deep wrinkles are tried to be removed. The results are achieved by tightening of the skin as also the underlying muscular tissue that holds the skin. Excess fat removal is also sometimes combined in rhytidectomy for best results.

Leading cosmetic surgeon offering rhytidectomy surgery in Pune has performed hundreds of facelift procedures for the seekers and has helped them gain a more youthful and refreshed outlook. However, people often want to inquire more about the details involved in the process. Here are the things that may be of vital help to such seekers.

  • The outcomes of the process

As stated above, rhytidectomy or the facelift procedure is effective to remove the deep folds that develop in the region of face and neck as the person ages. However, fine lines and wrinkles are not removed through this process! The conditions of sagging cheeks, broken jaw line, naso labial folds are cleared effectively after the process and the person acquires a refreshed young look.

  • Realistic visualization by the individual

Before the process, the seekers should always make detailed consultation with the cosmetic surgeon about what would be results in his or her case.

Specialists offering cosmetic surgery in Pune present the creative visualization like through pictures of how the person may look after process.

  • What the process involves actually?

The process includes the lifting of the face skin and/or the underlying connective tissue so that a general tightening is achieved. This involves the incisions in the forehead (behind the hairline) and neck (if required) after which the excess or sagging tissue/skin is removed surgically and then stitched.

  • The techniques of rhytidectomy

The techniques could be limited to any or all of the following –

  1. Skin removal and lifting
  2. Connective tissue lifting
  3. Fat removal
  • The age for rhytidectomy

There is no age barrier for this process and anyone who sees deep folds developing in his/her face can reach out for the consultation with specialist.

Clinics offering cosmetic surgery in Pune provide detailed consultations and the seeker can discuss all aspects.

  • Post operative complications

Generally there are no complications after the process and if all the after care is done properly, healing occurs gradually. However, the person can experience mild to moderate pain, swelling and numbness signs.

  • The scars

Scars do remain but since the incisions are made behind the hair line, these are never visible as any type of marks on face.

Leading cosmetic surgeon offering rhytidectomy surgery in Pune has earned the reputation for negligible scars post the procedure!


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