The Secret To Beautiful, Natural Breast Augmentation

Planning on breast enlargement treatment in Pune because you like your breasts are not in proportion to your body structure? Karishma Cosmetics has the solution. One in three women feels insecure about her appearance and breasts are the first of their concern. We, with our decades of experience in cosmetic surgery in Pune,have a successful history of breast augmentation surgery. But, opting for one such surgery should always be your decision to make. To ease your decision-making, we brought you information one must know before choosing breast enlargement treatment. But first,

What is Breast Enlargement Treatment?

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims at increasing the breast size, shape, or fullness of the breasts. Reports say, “Every year, more than 3000 women decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery”. Women dealing with less volume or underdeveloped breasts often opt for these treatments to get fuller cup size. Yet, the results are decided and vary from person to person. Our expert surgeons believe the decision should completely be the choice of the woman. Not something her partner wishes for or people around her body shame for, the decision must be an individual’s own personal choice.

What to Expect While Undergoing the Treatment?

First of all, a preparatory consultation is arranged for our patient where our experts help the patient understand what breast enlargement is and what could be the possibility of risks, complications, and achievements associated with breast enlargement surgery. Some major points on our breast development clinic in Pune are

1) The augmentation surgery might last for an hour or two.

2) The treatment consists of an incision into the breast fold and inserting an implant.

3) The implant is inserted under the mammary gland/pectoral muscle. (Our doctors will work on this during consultation)

4) The whole treatment will be performed under a general anesthetic.

5) Once the implant is inserted, the breast is covered with a support bandage.

6) Once the breasts are recovered completely from surgical effects, the specialist will remove them.

Risks Associated With

Risks are the part of every surgical treatment. In breast augmentation, the patient might get an infection or bleeding might occur. All that you can do to avoid any risks are to seek the help of a professional and well-versed doctor who understands your bodily function and operate accordingly.

Not every human body react the same in medical treatments. Therefore, it is very important to discuss every aspect related to the surgery to come up with a satisfactory result. Contact our specialists on breast augmentation in Pune, we will help you through all of your treatment related doubts and concerns and help you regain back your confidence by boosting your overall personality.

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