Recovery tips after Tummy Tuck Surgery

Recovery tips after Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is good that you have recognized the need to eliminate the stubborn fat across your waist and opted for tummy tuck, known as abdominoplasty in medical terms. Again to assure you once again, the results of tummy tuck are exceptional, but still it is a surgery and hence it calls for proper post-op preparation and care to recover quick from it. While advising the patients opting for tummy tuck surgery in Pune at our clinic, we always insist on do’s and don’ts that are to be meticulously followed after the surgery, so as to avoid complications and infections. So what are those do’s and don’ts ? Read on further :

1. Pre-prep : To ensure faster recovery, it is necessary to prepare yourself even before the surgery is conducted.
a. Opt for balanced and normal diet
b. Discontinue blood thinning medicines in consultation with surgeon
c. Adopt good hygiene practices to avoid infection
d. In consultation with your physician, start medications to eliminate the probability of constipation.

2. Post surgery : As this procedure is very much similar to hysterectomy or a C-section delivery, in most of the cases patients can return to their normal work after a week’s time, provided the work does not demand lifting, or any other tedious work. Also, after two weeks, patients should be able to do their walking in natural speed and by the end of four weeks, they should be completely back to their normalcy in all respects.

a. There is no point in waiting for the pain to escalate and then opting for pain killer medicines. All the prescribed medications should be taken on time strictly as per the instructions of your surgeon.
b. Continue balanced diet and do not forget to include water and natural fruit juices in plenty.
c. If possible massage your tummy gently to enhance blood circulation.
d. Be patient for the results.
e. To keep your spirits elevated, talk with your friends, family members and spend quality time with them.
f. For the first few days, seek help from your family members to get up from a reclined position and also to get up or down from the toilet seat.

• Don’ts:
a. Develop negative thoughts or fear about the outcome of procedure.
b. Talk with friends or neighbors who infuse negativity in your thoughts.
c. Drive your vehicle for the first week or until your surgeon nods his / her head.
d. Lift kids or shopping bags for the first week
e. Indulging in exercises except for walking
f. Doing laundry or gardening to kill time
g. Consume aerated drinks as they are likely to cause bloating
h. Take refined foods that are high in salt and oil.
i. Hesitate to consult with your surgeon, if the pain does not mitigate in few days.

As you can see, the recovery tips for tummy tuck procedure are quite doable and all it requires is the determination to regain slim waist. But that being said, no two patients are same and hence it would always be better to consult your surgeon about this generic version of do’s and don’ts. If you would like to know more about tummy tuck or ensure your candidature for this spectacular procedure, you can always schedule an appointment and discuss with our surgeon.

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