Platysmaplasty Neck Lift Surgery

If the eyes are the first place we begin to show our age, then the neck is arguably the second. One of the more common problems that develop in the under-surface of the chin and neck area is the so-called “turkey gobbler deformity”. This is a problem whereby skin becomes extremely lax, soft and flaccid. A small amount of fat accumulates underneath the chin and the thin muscle layer beneath the skin forms cord-like structures, also known as “platysmal bands”.

A neck lift (or platysmaplasty), is a facial plastic cosmetic procedure that tightens the skin and the underlying muscles to lift the neck as well as improve and sharpen the contour of the jawline.

When is a neck lift advised?

There is no ideal age for neck-lift surgery. Candidates may range from teenagers to octogenarians. Sagging of the neck may be due to age, but may also be a result of significant weight loss or simple heredity. Those who have sagging and/or wrinkling of the neck and a loss of separation between the neck and the chin or jaw can be the best candidates for a neck lift procedure.

What is the actual procedure?

If there may be more than one procedure performed during a neck-lift, your time in surgery may vary between one hour to several hours. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, but usually does not involve an overnight stay. Neck-lift cosmetic surgery may be performed using a variety of procedures, depending on the need. Three possible neck-lift procedures may include:

  1. Liposuction to remove fat
  2. Cervicoplasty to remove excess skin
  3. Platysmaplasty to remove or tighten neck muscles and get rid of unwanted band lines.

Results may also be enhanced through the use of Botox injections, or non-surgical skin tightening using lasers or radio-frequency technology.

If excess fat needs to be removed, liposuction is typically performed first. An incision will be made below the chin to remove the excess fat deposits. The fat deposits will be removed by inserting a small cannula (a hollow tube with an opening near its blunt end) beneath the skin and into the fatty tissue.

During a cervicoplasty procedure an incision is made under your chin and behind the ears (or possibly in just one of these locations). The surgeon will then cut back and lift the skin, which will be secured with permanent sutures or a special type of permanent adhesive glue. An elastic bandage will be applied to your neck and head.

The platysmaplasty procedure is performed to reduce the banded appearance of the neck. During the procedure, incisions will be made under the chin or behind the ears, or both. The surgeon will then insert a tiny instrument to either remove a portion of specific neck muscles or realign them, which will tighten the middle area of the neck. The doctor will permanently stitch areas of the muscles in order to clasp them in the best position.

The procedures involved in a neck-lift may also be performed endoscopically. For an endoscopic neck-lift, an instrument visually guides the surgeon through the procedure. The advantages of an endoscopic procedure may include a smaller incision, no general anesthesia, reduced bruising, and faster recovery.

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What can I expect after surgery?

At Karishma Cosmetic & Laser Centre, after a neck lift procedure, most patients return home that evening. Ice packs are placed in and around the neck, chest, and face area. The bandages are removed the following morning at the clinic. A support neck and chin dressing are worn continuously for approximately 5-7 days and every night for 4-6 weeks. Dr Sanghvi may suggest using two pillows when you sleep. One can return to social activity after 4-5 days. Bruising and swelling are generally minimal and reasonably resolved after a week to 10 days. Final results will be evident in about three to six months.

Though the neck lift is not a complete substitution for the facelift between 60-90% of the improvement that is achieved with a facelift is accomplished with a simple neck lift. A neck lift involves lesser swelling and bruising than the facelift. Men particularly prefer the neck lift procedure since it avoids making an incision in front of the ear.