Permanent Lip Liner & Beauty Spots

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Every woman always dreams to look gorgeous and have attractive lips. Some of them have natural beauty spot; however, many of them feel depressing as they don’t have a beauty spot. So, there is no need to worry, as the expertise in Karishma Cosmetics will fulfill all your beauty dreams with the help of permanent lip liner and beauty spot. To achieve beautiful lip contour, permanent make-up offers several possibilities to enhance your look.

What is permanent lip liner?

Permanent lip liner is a type of tattoo applied to the outer curves of the lips to give them appropriate shape. It is also used to correct the shape of the lips. Some women opt for permanent lip liner process to cover up a scar or correct the abnormal shape of the lips. It may also be useful for those who have lost colour, firmness and definition as part of the aging process. However, many of them consider it as a time-saving measure which reduces the need for daily cosmetic application. The permanent lip liner makes lips gorgeous and endows a nice shape for upper and lower contour of lips.

What is the permanent lip liner process?

During the permanent make-up procedure of lip liner, a cosmetic dermatologist from Karishma Cosmetic draws a liner template on the client’s mouth and shows it to her for her authorization. The colour for the lip liner is applied as per the wish of the client. The client’s mouth is then anesthetized with a typical anesthetic. Thereafter, the liner pattern is drawn over with a tattooing tool. This tool is used to inject pigmentation beneath the skin. Thus, a permanent line is formed around the lips.

After the process, the lips may swell and the newly pigmented colour may look darker than desired. However, in a short period of time, this swelling will disappear and the lined area will fade in colour. Thus, it is a very simple procedure to make your lips attractive with the help of permanent lip liner. In many cases, the lip liner seems to be lighter, as the experts may give touch-ups after a period of time. The finished result is fabulous, totally natural and very different from conventional tattoo.

How to add beauty spots with permanent make-up?

Beauty spots are well known symbol of beauty. A beauty spot on your face will definitely add touch of glamour. This place of beauty spot is definitely a personal choice and which suits your personality. However, most women love the beauty spot just above the lips or high on the cheekbone. Beauty spots can be applied with the help of permanent make-up procedure in Karishma Cosmetic.

It is recommended that black pigments are avoided, as they can produce a bluish tinge. Tattooing over an existing beauty spot is not recommended as beauty spots have known to have adverse reactions to micro traumas. However, beauty spots can be used to conceal small scars left by acne or chicken pox. Thus, all your beauty desires are satisfied with the professionals present at Karishma Cosmetic to assist you.