Patient safety & its importance in plastic surgery

Patient safety & its importance in plastic surgery

Many individuals are raring to opt for plastic surgery either to enhance aesthetic appearance or meet functional requirement. But few stray incidents all around the world have made them to think again; the reason being their own safety. Their pursuit towards achieving good aesthetic enhancements at the rock bottom prices have lured them to approach several unqualified and unauthorized professionals, resulting in severe compromises in patient safety.

It is true that any elective surgery, including the cosmetic ones, do carry an element of risk. But the reality is that many of the risk factors could have been minimized had proper diagnosis or quality infrastructure were in place. As a reputed cosmetic surgeon in Pune, it becomes our responsibility to portray the necessary criterions that need to be analyzed before undergoing any procedure, be it invasive or non-invasive.

  1. Suitable candidature: It should be clearly understood that all procedures are not suitable for an individual who is seeking a plastic surgery. Apart from their medical conditions, there are several lifestyle factors that have serious potential in swinging the risk potential. Hence a qualified cosmetic surgeon would analyze all the below mentioned parameters even before conducting the diagnosis for ensuring the suitability.
  • Weight and its fluctuation
  • Intake of supplementary food and medicines
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption habits
  • Exposure to sun
  • Sleeping habits
  • Stress levels
  • Nature of work
  • Indulgence in physical activities
  • Other lifestyle habits
  1. Medical conditions: Many past or pre-existing medical conditions and treatments have a huge say in deciding the candidature for the opted procedure and type of anesthesia. Hence it is of paramount importance to disclose your complete medical history to your cosmetic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. This would enable the surgeon to prepare detailed analysis of possible side reactions and post care treatment procedures. A qualified cosmetic surgeon may even advise against the surgery for few medical conditions, as they are very much keen in upholding the safety of patient.
  1. Expertise of surgeon: Unfortunately, patients seeking cosmetic surgery for augmentation of their aesthetic appearance fall prey to false claims of unqualified service providers and thereby seriously compromise the safety. In fact many of the safety lapses occur due to improper diagnosis and procedures carries out by unqualified cosmetologists. The only way out is to adopt strict caution while choosing the right surgeon.
  • Check the qualification of the physician
  • Talk with the physician about the procedure and analyze the pros and cons.
  • Never and ever approach a service provider just for the sake of economics. Your safety is far more important than saving few thousands of rupees.
  • If necessary ask for reference from your family physician.
  1. Check out the infrastructure: Come what may, availability of few aspects needs to be analyzed well before undergoing cosmetic procedures.
  • Top notch infrastructure and cutting edge technology
  • Well qualified supporting staff
  • Sterile conditions in operation theatre or in the room where the procedure is likely to be performed
  1. Compliance of post care instructions: On few occasions, safety of patient gets compromised due to their own negligence. Yes, your cosmetic surgeon would not be handing over you a detailed post care instructions without strong reasons. Any sort of lapse in complying with these instructions may severely hamper the healing process and lead to unnecessary complications.

A qualified and expert cosmetic surgeon would always strive to achieve success in every cosmetic procedure he or she performs for the betterment of the patient. Patients also need to perform their role in obliging to the instructions of the surgeon. When these two are ensured along with all other aspects in place, safety of the patient is always guaranteed. If you are contemplating about beauty augmentation through cosmetic surgery in Pune, you can always schedule an appointment with our surgeon and explore all the options. Be assured and we will do the needful.

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