Not Sure If Rhinoplasty Is The Right Option? This Might Help

The nose is the first point of focus whenever anyone looks at you. And it gets more awkward when the nose has some apparent deformity, like a hump, bulged tip, flared nostrils, or a deviated septum. Many times, such deformities lead to severe breathing issues, nose congestion, and sleep apnea. For ages, everyone had to live with their noses for what they were until rhinoplasty came into the picture.

Should I Opt For A Rhinoplasty?

People commonly opt for Rhinoplasty in Pune for professional and medical reasons. When performed for medical purposes, it is a reconstructive surgery that mainly aims are eliminating the said issue. If you seek it simply to improve its aesthetic appearance, it is performed as cosmetic surgery that aims are reshaping the nasal tissues to best suit your face. But in most cases, a reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeon also makes the necessary cosmetic changes while at it, so the same surgeon fixes both the problems in a single surgery.
You’ll have to check if your health insurance covers this treatment, but other than that, there are no downsides to opting for it.

Is The Entire Nose Altered During Rhinoplasty?
To be more specific, it depends on what your nose may require. Rhinoplasty doesn’t always involve the entire nose.

If it is only the septum of your nose that is deviated, then a septoplasty surgery for correcting only the septum can fix the problem. If it is only the tip of your nose that has bulged out, a tiplasty surgery can fix the tip without affecting the rest of the nose.

There is a non-surgical method called ‘liquid rhinoplasty’ which uses fillers to increase the size of a moderately thin or dented nose.
However, if the septum deviation is too extensive or the entire nasal structure has bulged, the best course of action is to perform an open or closed rhinoplasty to reconstruct the whole nose.
What Key Factors About Rhinoplasty Should I Be Aware Of Before Opting For It?
Before opting for any cosmetic surgery in Pune, it is crucial to understand its benefits and consequences thoroughly.
Rhinoplasty can be essentially performed via open surgery, i.e., through an incision around the septum, or closed surgery, i.e., from incisions made inside the nose.

To enhance a thinned nose permanently, bone grafts will be taken from the ear’s cartilage. Liquid rhinoplasty is only recommended when a person wants quick, short-term, and scarless results.
During recovery, you may find it difficult to breathe due to the splints and swelling for a week. You’ll also be wearing a cast over the nose to protect it during this week. You may have to take 3 to 4 days off from work.
Some experts have expressed concerns about the rhinoplasty procedure’s safety, as some optical and neural nerves are present in the nasal area and could be potentially damaged during the surgery. But this complication can be avoided by finding a highly experienced plastic surgeon for your nose surgery in Pune.

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