Nipple Reduction

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple reduction is purely a cosmetic procedure to reduce long, projecting and droopy nipples. Long nipples are a result of the stretching of the tissues around the nipple due to breastfeeding or over-stimulation. This condition may occur in both men and women and may affect one or both breasts. Enlarged nipples do not usually cause any pain.

What does the actual procedure involve?

The nipple reduction procedure performed under local anesthesia, depends on various factors such as the size of the enlargement and the degree of desired reduction. Sometimes the nipple reduction procedure may be complete with the removal of the top end of the nipple and suturing it back in place. Another alternative procedure may involve the removal of the skin around the length of the nipple and pushing the nipple behind using stitches to hold it there. In some cases the surgeon will simply make incisions on the surface of the nipple and remove the excess tissue to make the nipple shorter or smaller in dimension.

What can I expect after the procedures?

You can expect to feel normal sensation in the nipple after the reduction procedure. The ability to breast feed remains in most cases. A light dressing is applied and no drains are needed.

Can this procedure be performed with other procedures?

The nipple reduction procedure can be combined with other breast care procedures like breast enlargement, lift, or reduction.