Moles and Warts: are they dangerous or not?

Moles and Warts : are they dangerous or not?

It is quite natural for each and everybody to yearn for a flawless skin. But is it possible? No, as it is very common to have moles and warts in the skin and the good part is that most of them are absolutely harmless. But how to find it out whether they are harmless or an indicator of underlying serious issue? This definitely calls for serious thinking. A surgeon associated with Karishma Laser and Cosmetic clinic, a renowned medical centre for mole and wart removal treatment in Pune, explains in detail about the moles and warts and the conditions in which it needs serious attention

Before proceeding further, let us see what exactly are these moles and warts. Every human has moles, black or brown marks in the skin, with varying size and shape. It grows anywhere in the body and it seldom causes worry. As we all grow, moles appear and they generally fade away with age. Whereas warts are tiny tumors, that get developed on the skin due to human pailomavirus (HPV). Unlike moles, warts grow only on certain parts of the body and resemble circular and thickened bumps. The different types of warts that are most prevalent are regular, plantar, flat, and filiform warts.

When moles need attention: As said earlier, most of the moles are harmless and in fact are considered as beauty enhancing elements if they are present at the right spot. An abnormal mole always poses the risk of cancer and danger for overall health. Abnormal moles are entirely different from the moles that had formed during the birth. They grow out of the existing mole or as a new growth. In few cases, they grow in large numbers and put you in the high risk zone of skin cancer. Under these circumstances, it is highly recommended to approach the doctor for biopsy tests. If the results turn out to be affirmative, further treatments such as wide excision are carried out. Also periodic monitoring and evaluations are done to assess the situation and reduce the risk.

When warts need attention: Strictly speaking warts do not need any treatment except for cosmetic reasons. Warts usually get detached slowly on their own. Usually warts are treated with cryosurgery, in which liquid nitrogen is used to make the wart and the surrounding skin to die. In few instances, they may appear again as the underlying viruses seldom get removed during the conventional treatment. Hence laser techniques are also widely employed to successfully treat warts.

Do it yourself techniques: Either for medical or aesthetic reasons, never and ever adapt ‘Do it yourself’ techniques to treat moles or warts. It should be borne in the mind that no medically verified creams or lotions are available to treat moles and warts. If employed, these creams can worsen the situation due to severe skin abrasions and lead to serious side effects. In fact, our surgeons have treated several patients who have created scars on their skins by using mole or wart removal lotions. Moles or warts are natural and should be removed only in the event of cosmetic or functional requirement. With the mole and wart removal process being made simple due to advances in the dermatology techniques and cutting edge technologies, our able cosmetic surgeons can do wonders for your look.

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