Men, women, and liposuction Surgery : the areas we all want to slim down.

Obesity has become a lifestyle disorder that now affects global population; although the extent could vary from person to person. The cause of increased weight and associated excess fat deposition in the body is traced to a difference in lifestyles that people in modern society have adopted. Most of us now live sedentary lives where diversity of tasks could be accomplished at the click of a button. This coupled with junk fooding, water, and food contaminations and above all the psychological stress wrecks havoc on body functions and metabolism, in particular, thus making us fat!

Among various treatments and procedures that have been developed to lose excess fat is also liposuction that is a time tested option and allows fine results for both males and females; although the traditional and earliest customers of it were females! Today, both men and women reach for liposuction to shed excess fat from their body parts. Leading clinic specializing in liposuction and laser weight loss treatment in Pune offers dedicated fat reductions in targeted body regions to both men and women.

About liposuction –

Liposuction involves fat removal from the specific regions of the body. The technique is applied locally on the fat deposits and involves the use of a cannula (the hollow tubing) and a suction pump through which the fat tissue is removed from the body. The procedure requires skills and precision on the part of the cosmetic surgeon who has to ensure symmetry during fat removal so that the body contouring is not distorted. Cosmetic surgery clinic offering liposuction surgery in Pune follows strict protocols to ensure the best of results that are pre agreed through mutual consultation between the surgeon and seeker. Men have started turning at liposuction clinic fairly late and their demands generally differ from that of women.

Liposuction for men

The areas that are generally targeted with liposuction in men include abs, chest, neck, and flanks. These areas generally begin to accumulate fat tissue when men begin to cross 40 years of age. However, now we also find the young men seeking dedicated liposuction to cut down excess fat that they accumulate very early; reasons for this could be improper lifestyles or their genetic makeup! To remove excess belly fat in men, the cosmetic surgeons generally perform multiple procedures that may be separated by time intervals. This is done to contain the shock that could be triggered due to fat removal if it is done all at once!

Liposuction for women

In females, liposuction is demanded areas like waist, legs, buttocks, backs and even cheeks. In the legs, the inner and outer thighs and knees are focused for fat removal through liposuction. These are the areas that get affected when women get older. More importantly, after the pregnancy, ladies generally develop loose skin and much of fat is trapped in specific pockets in their body. Leading clinic performing cosmetic surgery in Pune has found increasing demand from women who generally seek liposuction for contouring that is a whole body procedure involving calibrated fat removal from different parts of the body. The objective is to generate an attractive and slim body with optimal feminine charm!

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