Making cosmetic surgery more affordable for you

Making cosmetic surgery more affordable for you

Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve or enhance the appearance of face or for that matter, any other part of body. For instance, Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is the best option to get desired look if a person is not satisfied with the appearance of nose. Liposuction, face lift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, hair transplantation, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, butt augmentation, chin augmentation are some of the cosmetic surgeries that are so popular to get back the old flattering look. Most of the people are reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgeries after considering the cost of the procedures. The best cosmetic surgeon in Pune at Karishma cosmetic clinic throws light on this aspect and suggests few steps that can be followed to make cosmetic surgery more affordable to you.


Before finalizing the cosmetic clinic, it is important to visit the clinic and meet the surgeon personally. Most of the clinics offer free consultations and hence it makes sense to utilize this opportunity to consult with surgeon not only about the procedures, risks and complications but also about the estimated cost of the surgery. It is quite possible that the cost factors differ from one clinic to another. At the same time it is not advisable to settle for the cheapest offer as credentials, experience, and expertise of the surgeon play a crucial aspect in the costing. If inexperienced surgeons or those who lack the requisite skill sets perform surgeries, they may botch up the procedure. As a matter of fact, we have rectified many such surgeries and it may cost you more. So ensure that the skill and experience is at par with the money you spend.

Combined surgeries

A great option to save money is combining multiple surgeries. On few occasions, to achieve best results, multiple cosmetic surgeries may be required. For instance, tummy tuck procedure can be performed along with liposuction for better results. In this situation, the theatre, anesthesia expenses will come down as the combined time taken to perform surgeries will be less. Patients are encouraged to freely discuss with the surgeon and ask whether the clinic provides discounts or offers in this regard.

Deals and offers

There are many online sites that offer deals to avail a service at the clinic at a discounted cost. During festive season, clinics may offer discounts for certain services. To attract new customers, few clinics offer discounts in surgical or non-surgical category and these opportunities should be utilized to save money and make it affordable.
No doubt, cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure and it is the best possible option available for those who would like to enhance their appearance and age gracefully, but it is equally important to analyze the cost saving avenues of these procedures. At Karishma, we not only give importance to quality of treatment but also ensure the cost of each and every treatment is affordable with various easy payment options. Our offer of the month, festive discount offers or our free consultation offer are basically provided to ease out the cost worries and enjoy the best quality treatment at our clinic.

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