Importance of Liposuction for a perfect body

Importance of Liposuction for a perfect body

Liposuction is a term known to almost all of us courtesy lifestyle magazine and blogs; however we often tend to associate it with mere aesthetic procedure where in reality this least invasive surgical procedure carries a lot of long term physical and emotional benefit for the patient. It is by far the most effective medical method of removing excess unwanted fat that gets deposited in certain parts of body over time.

Age plays a major role in fat deposits in our lower middle part of the body. It’s noticed that a number of times, the excess fat in the belly region gives a disfigured shape & ugly look to the person causing lot of discomfort & makes him/her subject to public eye scrutiny. Over a period it erodes off confidence level of the person & isolates him socially. No stringent diet plan & rigorous exercise can help the person achieve previous shape by reducing the belly fat. Tummy tuck is a procedure that comes to the rescue of such people, removes the excess fat & skin from abdominal area & tightens the muscles. This ‘getting back in shape’ boosts confidence & spirit of the patient enabling him/her to reach out to the world with renewed vigor & enthusiasm. Liposuction is often complimented with tummy tuck procedure which in medical term called abdominoplasty.

Liposuction cuts down the unwanted fat from the body, firms up the muscles thereby giving the body a toned look. With improved technology the results of liposuction is instantly visible with a firmer & contoured appearance. The most amazing feature is the permanency of the procedure. Even if a person gains weight after liposuction, excess fat does not get deposited in the areas covered under treatment.

Certain medical conditions like benign fat tumor, abnormal enlargement of male breasts, excessive sweating of armpits require liposuction as a medical procedure. Other than medical condition, pregnancy & childbirth gives rise to loosened muscles, excess fat in belly, hips & thigh region of women. To get back to the shape & look fit, most women today are opting for liposuction where its bundled with tummy tuck, breast reduction & face lift to restructure the affected areas.

Karishma laser & cosmetic clinic located in Pune under the expert surveillance of Dr.Suresh Sanghvi & Dr. Shobha Sanghvi offers liposuction & other cosmetic surgery to both men & women under medical as well as cosmetic condition. They provide one of the best in-house liposuction in Pune with an experienced team working round the clock.
Given advancement of medical engineering, liposuction is not restricted to an invasive procedure anymore. It comes with ultrasound guided liposuction as well which does not require any an anesthesia & is completely painless. The patient can stay relaxed & leave the centre within an hour of the procedure. This procedure however can be applied when the level of fat is within a specified limit & not exceeded beyond that. In other cases where fat has exceeded beyond limit, a local anesthesia is applied for an invasive procedure of liposuction to be carried out. The invasive procedure allows the patient to recover within 2-3 weeks depending on the overall health of the patient.

Dr. Sanghvis along with a medical team of experienced professional personally take care of each & every patient & discusses in detail the pros & cons of the procedure & the kind of benefits one can derive from it. It’s a personal choice & depends on the current condition of the patient hence we need to have realistic expectations. They develop a well round connect with the patient & explains all benefits in detail to the patient considering his/her overall condition.

If you want to stay fit, look healthy, please make a virtual tour of our site to know more & fix up an appointment with the doctor to get back in shape and boost your confidence.

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