*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening that protects the vagina from infections and facilitates outflow of menstrual blood. Hymen may rupture or get torn due to sexual activity or stressed physical activity or during sports. Hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen.

Requirement of Hymenoplasty

An intact hymen is considered as a true symbol of virginity. Hymenoplasty is opted by women out in cultural and social regions whose hymen is ruptured by some reason before marriage and considered to bear disgrace or death. Hymenoplasty is performed to make the patient appear virginal.

Hymenoplasty is also opted by married women to restore their virginity so that they can have satisfied sexual experience with their partner.

Aging body if interfering with the self confidence of women she can get Hymenoplasty performed.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Different Methods

Restoration of hymen through sutures.

Without blood supply a membrane is created and inserted, sometimes including a gelatine capsule of an artificial blood like substance.

Use vaginal lining’s flap, complete with its blood supply, to create a new hymen.

The term Hymenoplasty has also been used to describe some varieties. of infibulations which means the surgical modification or mutilation of the genitals considered illegal in many countries.

The Operation Procedure

A few remnants of the torn hymen at the vaginal orifice are found. The procedure is done by giving local or general anaesthesia is given to the patients and placed in lithotomic position.

The remnants of the hymen in inverted v-shape are stitched together in two layers using the cutting needle. Outer layer is stitched to outer layer and inner to the inner to form a fold like structure like the hymen leaving behind a few unstitched remnants for self healing.

Recovery Period

Recovery period depends primarily on the procedure, and the patient’s health condition and his ability to heal. The patient will have to be monitored for a few hours immediately after the procedure after which the patient can resume their activities immediately.

Once the procedure is done the patient has to take a lot of rest and make temporary and permanent changes in the lifestyle.

The hymen is to be maintained clean and vagina has to be kept clean avoiding dust particles to set in the wounds.

Patient should avoid sexual contact with the partner as it will cause pain.

At Karishma Laser and Cosmotology, they advice the patient to avoid doing strenuous household activities for a week’s time if they are undergone with this surgery.