Guide to Breast Augmentation

Guide to Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty or breast enlargement is a procedure carried out to enlarge breasts that are presently small or used to be larger earlier. This procedure is also done to correct the mismatch of breast sizes. This reshaping of breasts is carried out by inserting an implant, either silicone gel or saline, beneath the breast. Karishma Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, one of the leading clinics to offer breast augmentation, Pune provides a candid in-depth analysis, merits, limitations and guide to breast augmentation.

Is it safe?
Prior to touching upon the necessity and modalities of breast augmentation, it is high time to know the how safe and reliable are the implants. Though both variants of implants, saline and silicone, are expected to last lifelong and not pose any health hazard, replacements may be necessary if it ruptures. Hence regular examination by qualified plastic surgeons is essential to check its intactness.
Why breast augmentation
With latest technological advances, breast augmentation has been widely catering the need of women to enhance their shape.
• As a reconstructive surgery following mastectomy.
• For women who would like to have more attractive shape with right proportions
• To enable wearing of matching outfits
• To rectify the visibly noticeable asymmetry of breasts
• To restore the firmness of breasts that has sagged due to old age or post pregnancy.

Selection of implants
Having decided upon the necessity to undergo breast augmentation program, it is absolutely necessary to do lot of research or meet a professionally qualified cosmetic surgeon to decide upon the type of implant – silicone gel or saline filled. Both these implants have their own pros and cons. Saline filled implant requires smaller incision, costs less and has greater variation in size, but they can cause lot of rippling and not feel as natural as it should be. Silicone gel filled implants provide natural feel and don’t ripple, but they require longer incision and costs more.
Based on your personal preference and other factors such as medical history, existing body mass and frame, breast tissue and incision placement location, surgeon determines the best type of surgery suitable.
Seek clarification
In the process of choosing the best surgeon for the implantation, it is not out of the context to seek clarity. During the initial meeting, it is a good practice to seek clarification on the following avenues:
• Type of implants
• Visibility of incision scars
• Cost factor
• Duration of recovery period
• The realistic anticipated results
• Is breast lifting being combined with breast augmentation

Post op care
• Pain, if at all experienced, subsides within 48 hours.
• The list of do’s and don’ts handed over by the surgeon should never be violated to facilitate speedy recovery.
• Most of the residual swelling will disappear in a period of 25 days.
• As started earlier, implants are designed to last long. But it is recommended to undergo routine mammograms and also perform breast self-examination.

Karishma Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, the leading centre for breast implant, Pune has state of the art technology and meticulously follow all safety procedures to conduct breast augmentation and enhancement surgeries.

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