Gender Reassignment Surgery

Surgery to change sex or gender is gaining popularity around the world. Gender Reassignment Surgery is an option sought by those who are dissatisfied with the life style of a given sex and feel more comfortable and at ease living in the opposite sex.
As this is a highly sensitive and irreversible decision, great care needs to be taken while choosing the right surgeon.

The various operations performed for change in sex include:

  1. Vaginal reconstruction
  2. Hysterectomy & Oophorectomy
  3. Penile Implants
  4. Scrotal Shaping
  5. Penile Lengthening

Is it safe?

Many such operations have been successfully performed at Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic under the expertise of Dr Suresh Sanghvi and his team.

What precautions are taken at Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic?

Confidentiality and respect for patient’s privacy are two important aspects that are considered in Gender Reassignment Surgery at KLCC.