Everything You Need to Know About a Tummy Tuck Surgery

We all agree that we wish for a well-toned and a defined stomach. However, regardless of our valiant efforts, we just aren’t able to achieve that due to the excess skin or flab in the region. Often, the excess fat may not reduce even after exercising and changing your diet. A tummy tuck surgery which is also known as “abdominoplasty” is an excellent alternative to redefine your stomach if nothing else works. The procedure has gained popularity in the last couple of years as more patients are opting for a tummy tuck surgery in Pune. Today, we will focus on the different aspects of a tummy tuck surgery to educate our readers and patients about it. A tummy tuck surgery is not a minor surgery and thus, we urge our patients to clear their doubts before opting for the same.

What exactly is a tummy tuck surgery?

The surgery is performed to get rid of the extra fat or skin near the stomach and at the same time tighten the muscles around the abdomen to make it flat. Although the procedure is not similar to liposuction, some patients can also opt for liposuction with a tummy tuck surgery.

Complete abdominoplasty

In a complete abdominoplasty, the abdomen is cut from hipbone to hipbone and then the skin, muscles, and the tissues are contoured. In addition, the belly button will also be moved and you may require drainage tubes beneath your skin for a few days post the surgery.

Partial abdominoplasty

Partial abdominoplasty is typically performed on people who have fat deposits in locations below the navel. The belly button may not be moved and the procedure may take around 1-2 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the case.

Who are ideal candidates for a tummy tuck surgery?

First things first, a tummy tuck is recommended for individuals who are in a healthy shape but are not able to get rid of the excess fat or skin around the abdomen region. In addition, women who have had to go through one or more surgeries are also ideal candidates for a tummy tuck as the surgery will tighten the muscles around the abdomen. A tummy tuck surgery is also a very reliable option for individuals who were obese at some point in their life and still have deposits of fat or loose skin near the belly.

Who should not opt for a tummy tuck surgery?

A woman who is considering getting pregnant in the near future should not opt for the surgery as it can be done after pregnancy to eliminate the excess fat or skin. In addition, a tummy tuck surgery should not be the first option for individuals who are looking to reduce weight. In fact, a tummy tuck should only be considered if everything else fails.

Preparing for a tummy tuck surgery

Get in touch with an experienced and a reputed cosmetic clinic and discuss every small detail of the procedure. In addition, be clear as to what you are expecting post the surgery so that your surgeon understands what exactly you are looking for.

If you are a regular smoker, you will have to refrain from it for at least a period of two weeks prior to the surgery till a couple of weeks after the surgery. It is also important to understand that cutting down smoking will also lead to complications and thus, we advise our patients to cut it off completely.

Your diet is important and thus make sure your diet is well-balanced and healthy. In addition, let your surgeon know if you are using any medication, herbal medicines, or other supplements.

Here are a few things you may need before the surgery:

  1. Ice packs
  2. Petroleum jelly
  3. Bathroom chair
  4. Hand-held shower
  5. Loose clothing

Complications or side-effects

Following the surgery, patients may experience discomfort and swelling for a few days for which your surgeon will prescribe painkillers. In addition, post a tummy tuck surgery in Pune, you may also experience numbness, tiredness, and bruising which could last for a few weeks or couple of months.

As in the case of any other surgery, there are certain risks associated with a tummy tuck surgery although it is pretty rare. The complications that could occur include, bleeding under the skin, infection, and blood clots. Patients who have poor blood circulation, heart, lung, liver diseases, and diabetes are more vulnerable to complications.

Another important point you should keep in mind is that the tummy tuck surgery leaves scars which fade over a period of time. Our team of some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Pune will recommend specific creams and ointments that will reduce the scar marks and heal them.

Post surgery recovery and aftercare

Regardless of whether you have opted for a partial or a complete tummy tuck surgery, it is important to ensure that the area operated is bandaged and stitched properly. In addition, patients should religiously follow the instructions given to them by the doctor to ensure a swift and smooth recovery process. In addition, you should refrain from performing tedious and strenuous activities for 5-6 weeks after the surgery to avoid any complications.

Cosmetic surgery in Pune such as a tummy tuck is available at our state-of-the-art clinic at affordable prices. Book an appointment with us today to know more!

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