Do’s and Dont’s Post a Tattoo Removal Procedure

A tattoo is not just a piece of art that you plant or get printed on your body. Often, it is something that means a lot to you or is simply something you longed for quite some time. However, there are times when everything you have planned does not go according to the plan. After getting a tattoo you may regret getting it and want to get rid of the ink from your body permanently. Thanks to advances in this field, laser tattoo removal procedures are available and one can opt for the same if they wish to remove the tattoo.

Karishma Cosmetics is one of the most established tattoo removal clinics in Pune. We make use of cutting-edge tattoo removal techniques to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for our patients. In addition, our staff is highly experienced and trained with the right skill set to perform tattoo removal in Pune.

Tattoo removal in Pune can be performed at certified tattoo removal clinics such as Karishma Cosmetics. There are a few things one needs to keep in mind before getting the procedure such as what to expect, recovery time, aftercare and side effects.

Post-tattoo removal aftercare

It is important to keep in mind that post the tattoo removal procedure, aftercare is very important to ensure swift recovery an healing. Typically, after the laser tattoo removal, a wound similar to a burn wound is created and there are a few other side-effects that are normal including, bruising, whitening of the skin, blistering, and swelling. All aforementioned side-effects are normal and are likely to go away after a few weeks post the tattoo removal treatment. It is very important to choose an experienced tattoo removal clinic to ensure that the side-effects are minimal and do not last for a long period of time.

Similar to a few do’s and dont’s after you get a fresh tattoo, there are a few instructions that you need to keep in mind to ensure the healing and recovery is smooth. In addition, it is detrimental to avoid pool water, hot tubs, exposure to the sun, and salt water. Moreover, you are likely to experience itching during the recovery period which can be overcome by using ointments including Aquaphor, hydrocortisone, and Vitamin E.

24 hours after the procedure

  • Avoid soaking the area of your skin in hot baths, swimming pool, saunas, etc.
  • Reduce pain and inflammation by keeping the area that has been treated at an elevation
  • Use cold compression and pain relief
  • Avoid Aspirin and naproxen as they could add to the bruising

3 days after the procedure

  • Cover the area of your skin with a sterilized bandage and also apply ointment to ensure a swift healing process including, Elta MD Post balm, Aquaphor, Neosporin, A&D ointment.
  • Do not use any type of makeup for about 3 days post the procedure

10 days after the procedure

  • Although you will witness a significant amount of improvement after 5-10 days post the procedure, aftercare will still remain a key.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun 5-10 days after the treatment

Tattoo removal clinics in Pune such as Karishma Cosmetics offer the best procedures keeping in mind the patient’s comfort. In addition, our skilled experts are committed to offering advanced tattoo removal procedures complying with the required safety and quality

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