Cosmetic surgery To Give You An Aesthetic Appearance

Cosmetic surgery To Give You An Aesthetic Appearance

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that helps to enhance the look of a face or body. A person usually opts for cosmetic surgery when they are not satisfied with the current features or appearance and wish to change it. Other reasons to go for cosmetic surgery are for professional, personal and health reasons. Though it sounds simple, the procedures should be performed by experienced doctors to achieve natural results. By the by, is it possible to attain best natural results by cosmetic surgery? Yes, it is definitely possible. The next question naturally arises is where to go for cosmetic surgery and is there a best clinic in Pune? Again, the answer is very simple – Cosmetic surgery in pune can be done right here at Karishma laser and cosmetic clinic by experts in the field. Dr. Suresh Sanghvi and Dr. Shobha Sanghvi are considered as leading cosmetic surgeons in Pune and have satisfied patients throughout the world. The salient features of the cosmetic surgery and also the various aspects of it are enumerated below:


Undergoing cosmetic surgery has its own list of merits. They are

    Improved aesthetic appearance

    Self-esteem is increased

    Self- confidence is increased

    Stress related with physical appearance is reduced

    With more confidence the quality of work and end result is high

Being happy

The consciousness of looking good for social or for professional reasons to sustain in their careers has increased tremendously. The answer for this awareness of looking young and fabulous is cosmetic surgery. Though there are many surgeons who practice cosmetic and plastic surgery, Karishma laser and cosmetic clinic is the most preferred choice in Pune and this is validated by our long list of satisfied patients.

Cosmetic surgery is increasing in Pune

Everyone wants to look good and celebrities want to look stunning as their profession demands so. We all know the process of ageing is unavoidable. As we age our skin also changes accordingly. But with the help of cosmetic surgery and its growing popularity, looking good is not at all a distant dream. Many men and women are taking advantage of the various cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance.

Of late, several non-surgical procedures are available which encourages many to undergo cosmetic surgery without any hesitation. What more, some procedures like Botox, derma fillers can be done even during the office hour’s break. The time required for these procedures are less and also the recovery period is minimal. When one can return to their normal activities so quickly, it is obvious to opt for cosmetic surgeries.

Even surgical procedures are very simple with the help of state-of-the–art machines and procedures. They are minimally invasive procedures with minimum risk and quick recovery period. Through medications and guidance, post-op infections if any are taken care of.

Appearance is not limited to women alone. More men are choosing cosmetic surgery to enhance their look. Men especially those who work in corporate sector, media, or movies always want to look younger and fit to ascend in their career. So the misconception of cosmetic surgery is only for women are invalid and it is perfectly suitable for both men and women.

Be it laser treatments or surgical procedures such as liposuction, breast care, Rhinoplasty, Rhytidectomy, Platysmaplasty, Blepharoplasty, Dimpleplasty, or hair transplantation, new procedures and advanced techniques are being adopted by our professional and expert surgeons. This drastically decreases the risk and increases the end result. The increased satisfaction among patients is another reason for popularity of cosmetic surgery.

It is highly important that a cosmetic surgery should be done by professionally qualified and experienced surgeons. Else, the main objective of enhancing the look will be completely ruined. Before visiting the clinic, it is always better to verify the credentials of the doctor.

A professional surgeon will always be transparent while discussing about procedures involved and also about side effects, risks and a reasonable result that can be expected. From the day of consultation till the completion of procedure, a patient should be guided thoroughly for better coordination and confidence. It is very much important to choose right procedures for the candidate. An expert doctor will analyze and treat only the right kind of candidates (those who are eligible or fit to undergo the procedures).

A professional doctor should not stop their duty with the completion of a cosmetic procedure but also should be easily available for patients for post operative queries and follow ups. The clinic that provides treatment should have a best experienced team, state of the art equipments, and sterile rooms, adopt new and latest procedures, and ensure patient’s safety.

Visit Karishma laser and cosmetic clinic for cosmetic surgery in Pune. At our clinic, patients achieve aesthetic and natural end results with the help of high quality treatment and care. This is possible only because of our expert doctors and constant encouragement by high number of satisfied and happy patients.

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