*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Clitoris looks like a tiny bud at the top end of the vaginal opening. On closer examination every woman has different sized parts of her vagina. Vagina and its clitoris are protected by two flaps of skin that look like hoods, called labia majora.

Clitoropexy is only required when the clitoris itself is unnaturally protruding and rotated away from the body. This is a condition to be diagnosed by the Labiaplasty surgeon, and its correction, must be accomplished by means of a clitoropexy.

Requirements of Clitoropexy

Wrong positioning of the clitoris leads to problems where women feel a bulge in the vagina that is projected from the clothes make the clothes ill fit and women less attractive and more awkward. This problem also leads to dissatisfying sexual needs with their respective partners.

Clitoropexy-The Procedure

This operation reconfigures the position of the clitoris and shortens the length and projection of the labia majora.

In this method a surgical in-scissors is inserted in close proximity to the clitoris which in turn is rotated to a better location. This is challenge why there is a need to clitoropexy specialists to perform such a risky and a sensitive surgery. It takes approximately 1 hour, though it can be slightly less and is a safe procedure.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Combination of clitoropexy and Labioplasty

The clitoropexy can be done alone or in combination with Labioplasty. Labiaplasty surgeons decrease the sides of the clitoral hood. Performing liabiality however does not change the size or direction of the clitoral hood. In order to change the size they make a horizontal cut on the lower clitoral hood and adjust the position of the clitoris higher with a few sutures.

The pulling up and moving in of the head of the clitoris eliminates the protrusion and now allows removing some of the hood skin lengthwise. The hood becomes shorter, and the hood and clitoris no longer protrude. There is no risk of involved in this procedure.

Methods of approach

Traditional Method: The two methods of approach of clitoropexy where specialists perform directly or by combining with Labioplasty.

Modern Method: Nowadays clitoropexy is being performed by laser techniques.


Recovery varies on a person’s good health and tolerating capacities however it takes up to two weeks on an average. Surgery patients should try to minimise the amount of time spent sitting down, performing exercises including driving. Patients also should try to avoid energetic exercise and carrying very heavy objects and will need to avoid straining any muscles.

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