Clitoral Hood Reduction

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

The structure of clitoral hood can change with weight gain, child birth, ageing and other such factors. However, an individual need not compromise with this unwanted change. The cosmetic treatment for taking care of this redundant tissue is now available in India too.

What is Clitoral Hood Reduction?

The clitoral hood is a form of tissue. It encapsulates the clitoris part of a female body. The importance of this tissue is highly needful during sexual intercourse with a woman. It is very sensitive and arousing erectile tissue of the female body. Due to various reasons, the hood can be enlarged in concurrence with distended labia minora.

The caricatured clitoral hood can impact your sexual life by decreasing the pleasure out of it. Along with it, the caricatured clitoral hood may simply demand better and exceptional cosmetic appearance.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Why is it important?

The forsaken business of the clitoris is to urge sexual pleasure in a female body. It is very much interchangeable to the penis in a man’s case. Just like a man’s foreskin is covered by penis, the clitoris are camouflaged by a hood.

Irrationally, this tissue housing in the form of a hood can be stretched out, superfluous and may prove an obstacle in letting achieve stimulation to the clitoris. This superfluous tissue could also prove to be uncomfortable while wearing tight fitting clothes or a bathing suit.

The suitability of Clitoral hood reduction for an individual may not be decided on their own. The specialists at Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic may help you in taking these personal and private decisions.

It could also be discussed beforehand while undergoing Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty surgery as it usually comes as a sub ordinate surgery with these procedures.

Methods Followed

This is a very simple procedure. In this clitoral hood reduction cosmetic surgery, the hood would be surgically incised and a proportionately adequate amount of tissue will be removed. This will allow the clitoris to be stimulated easily. This whole procedure is followed with a general anesthesia.

At Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, the safety and health of the patient comes before everything else. Hence, a team of specialized and certified anesthesiologists is there to make sure that the surgery is as safe as possible. A patient may choose to stay in the comfort of their home after the surgery.

The enlargement of component cells of Clitoral hood is often experienced by women with enlarged labia. Thus the reduction of clitoris hood tissue is often performed at the time of labiaplasty. The nerves connecting supply to the clitoris are not involved hence there is no diminution in orgasm experienced or sensation.

Full treatment and post-operative care is provided with all kinds of cosmetic procedures at Karishma Laser and Cosmetic Clinic.