Can liposuction have any side effects ?

Can liposuction have any side effects?


Due to stubborn deposits of fat, it is quite possible for few people to be highly dissatisfied with their body appearance in spite of following strict diet regime and exercise. And no doubt, liposuction, the fat reduction surgery, has been the boon for these people. Through liposuction, the contours of body can be sculpted to produce a trimmer and slimmer structure. Like many other surgeries, liposuction also has its own side effects. It should be noted that side effects are actually due to the responsive mechanism of the body and should not be confused with complications. Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic, well known for liposuction in Pune, elaborates about the side effects associated with liposuction and the methodologies to mitigate them.

Discomfort and Pain

As with any other invasive surgery, discomfort and pain are common in the first few days after liposuction. To get faster relief from discomfort and pain, it is always recommended to remain hydrated, get ample rest and avoid strenuous physical activities. If needed, pain relieving tablets, as prescribed by the surgeon can be taken.


Bruising is again another common side effect encountered by the patients who have undergone liposuction. Although severity of bruising may be high for ten days, it gradually decreases over a period of month. Icepacks and proper post care procedures alleviate the discomfort caused by bruising.


Swelling is the most common side effect faced after liposuction surgery. In fact, this is the most prolonged side effect that can last even for few months. This is actually due to the defence mechanism of the body and is absolutely normal. In case of severe swellings, surgeons usually recommend tapes and bandages to enforce uniform pressure in the treatment regions. With gentle massages and ample rests, major swellings are bound to subside in ten days.


Although not very common, few people face numbness in the treatment area that lasts for few months. But it is a common side effect and normality with regular sensation would get returned in few months.

Itching sensation

Post surgery, the area in which liposuction was performed is bound to get swollen as a natural healing process and the skin in this region may get itchy. Care should be taken not to scratch at these incision regions, as it may aggravate the problem. Instead, ice packs are usually recommended by the surgeons to assuage the itching sensation. Additionally, only on the prescription of surgeons, lotions and ointments can be applied on the area other than incision sites.

How to minimize the side effects

In the first place, it should be understood that the side effects of liposuction are temporary in nature and the intensity of most of the side effects will fade away in two weeks. In the event of persistent severe side effects, several remedial actions, as suggested by the surgeon, should be strictly followed. Hence, as a preventive measure, it is very much important to strictly adhere with post care instructions and have regular follow up visits during the recovery period to address all the issues.

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