Breast Augmentation Aftercare Precautions For Speedy Recovery

Karishma Cosmetics make sure each of our patient’s breast augmentation recovery is as comfortable as possible. We understand how exciting the treatment might be for you yet confusing at the same time. Therefore, our professional team recommends special aftercare breast augmentation instructions for speed and full recovery.

Here, at Karishma Cosmetics, we provide state of the art breast enlargement in Pune with clear and easy-to-understand instructions for patients to help them quickly and safely return to their daily routine and flaunt their enhanced figure. To reduce the chances of complications post-surgery, go through the following instructions explained in detail. For further concern or queries, contact our cosmetology clinic in Pune:

Breast Augmentation Aftercare Instructions

1) The first few days after breast augmentation in Pune, the patient should focus on having plenty of rest, relax, and avoid heavy work such as lifting a child or heavy loads.

2) Try to sit, walk, and stand after 12-24 hours of surgery to prevent blood clotting. Other than that, all physical activity must be restrained for the first few days. Within the end of the first week, patients who strictly follow the instructions are able to return to their daily work as far as their work does not expect physical activities to perform.

Consult the best cosmetologist in Pune to seek permission to resume your exercise, daily activities, and so on.

3) Changes in Sleeping Pattern: For best results, our doctors recommend to sleep on your back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or sides for many weeks. Your doctor will instruct the sleeping pattern as the recovery instructions differ from patient to patient.

4) Hygiene Maintenance: There are special instructions for bathing, wound dressing, and wearing surgical bras, as well. The bandages might get removed on the second day following surgery. However, the steri-strip bandages along with the incisions need to be maintained carefully. One must avoid a shower bath or be especially alert while in the shower. Hot tubs and swimming is prohibited in this time before complete recovery.

Contact our best cosmetologist in Pune to understand the major aspects of breast augmentation and its aftercare instructions. We make sure our patients go through their recovery process without raising any complications.

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