Beauty and Skin Solutions

*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person

Skin Polishing

As we age, the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants begin to take their toll on our skin, creating lines and wrinkles on our faces. The face usually turns dull and the complexion loses its sheen. Laser resurfacing is a relatively new method of improving skin texture and appearance or to improve the skin polish.

Skin Brightening

At Karishma Cosmetic Laser Centre expert doctors perform microdermabrasion using a vacuum sealed system and very fine sterile microscopic aluminum oxide crystals to “sandblast” the skin. A hand piece that rotates over the area to be treated continually discards and replaces the crystals, while the suction motion exfoliates the skin.

Skin Tightening

With age, skin all over the body tends to loosen and sag. It becomes most obvious on the face and neck. A face lift or neck lift are permanent solutions, but they involve surgery while most women prefer a non-invasive solution. The non-surgical method of tightening skin involves heat reaching deep into the skin.


If you are frowning about the wrinkles and creases in your skin, let Botox move its magic wand on you and feel the difference! Botox is an excellent non-surgical cosmetic procedure to relax facial muscles and iron out facial lines, grooves, wrinkles, frown lines, forehead furrows and even the glabellar lines between the eyebrows.


The underlying layer of the skin that contains collagen supports the skin and helps it remain springy with firm contours. With age, this support system weakens and the skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Lines appear on the forehead, outside of the eyes, lips, on the cheeks and between the nose and the mouth. A technology that uses a clear gel-like substance called derma fillers provides a solution to weakened collagen.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation procedures increase the size of the lips to make them fuller and more attractive. The procedure is used to help women and men of all ages. The upper or lower lip may be treated singly, or both upper and lower lips may be augmented at the same time.

Chemical and Laser Peels

With advancing age, effects of sun exposure, pollutants, acne and scarring can damage skin and make one look older. Skin looks wrinkled, patchy, unevenly pigmented, scarred and unhealthy.Peels are part of a non-invasive procedure that promote cell growth and lead to rejuvenated youthful skin in a short time.

Facials and Rejuvenation

Photo-rejuvenation is a treatment to correct a variety of skin conditions that include birthmarks, unwanted hair on the face, unsightly small veins and other blemishes. Facial skin imperfections and signs of photo-ageing can also be reversed with this treatment.

Permanent Make-up, Eyeliner, Eyebrow

A beautifully well made-up face is what every young and old woman strives to present to the world. Permanent make-up is now possible at Karishma Laser & Cosmetic Clinic thanks to the latest progress in laser technology.

Lunch Hour Treatment

Now you can get more beautiful in as a short period of time as your lunch break at work! Just fix an appointment with Dr Shobha Sanghvi, Cosmetologist & Laser treatment specialist at KLCC for any of the following treatments and you can win million compliments when you walk back into office!

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*Disclaimer – Results may vary from Person to Person