All You Need To Know About Vaser Lipo

Vaser Liposuction is the most evolved and recent technology for removing localized fat and achieving perfectly contoured body curves. It much different than the traditional liposuction methods and is proving to be one of the most effective fat removal treatments today. And here’s everything else you need to know about this treatment:

What Is Vaser Lipo?
VASER stands for “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance,” which roughly defines the function of the ultrasound technology used in this treatment.
The idea is to quake the localized fat cells at high resonance so that they break off from the skin and can be easily extracted with the help of a harmless solvent. This process is known as emulsification.
Like other liposuction treatments, this treatment is NOT for drastic weight loss, but it helps remove a significant amount of localized fat from regions such as the neck, upper arms, upper and lower back, abdomen, thighs, and hips, buttocks.

How Is It Performed?
Vaser Lipo is the most minimally invasive of all liposuction treatments; hence, it is almost always performed under local anesthesia. But this anesthetic is mixed in a saline solution, along with some content of adrenalin, which is injected directly under the target area.
The adrenalin used is quickly absorbed by the fat cells, which causes them to swell while the anesthetic numbs the region. The saline solution helps shrink and separate the surrounding tissues so that the fat cells are easily targetable.
Now the surgeon makes small needle incisions for inserting the probe around the target area. Once the probe is in place, it is powered with ultrasound waves that transmit into the fat cells, breaking them and dissolving them into the saline solution.
The solution is simultaneously extracted, removing the dissolved fat cells entirely.

How Is It Different From Traditional Liposuction procedure?
The main difference between Vaser Lipo and traditional liposuction techniques is the fat separating method. Where conventional liposuction methods used thermal energy via probes or lasers to break the fat cells, Vaser Lipo uses sound energy to vibrate the fat cells and break them.
Since the traditional liposuction probes generate heat only at the tip, which needs to be moved with extreme care for removing fat evenly. Vaser ultrasound probes, on the other hand, create uniform vibrations along its length and remove an even layer of fat cells with every pass.
And since the Vaser Lipo procedure is designed such that it only targets fat cells without affecting the nearby blood vessels, connective tissues, and skin layers, it involves much fewer complications and risks as compared to the traditional probes with heated tips.

What Are The Benefits Of Vaser Lipo?
Being the most technologically advanced and tested fat removal procedure, Vaser Lipo provides some crucial and impressive benefits. The following are some of these benefits which are enough to convince anyone of its efficacy:
●Being minimally invasive, there almost no downtime involved after having a Vaser Lipo treatment.
●The treatment itself takes less than 45 mins to complete, so you won’t have to clear an entire day’s schedule.
●As the probe applies even vibrations over the fat cells, you can achieve close to perfect contouring for any body part with this technique.
●Unlike the traditional heat-based procedures where the chances of skin scarring and damage are quite significant, you can rest assured that your skin will remain untouched with ultrasound-based Vaser Lipo.

However, being a cosmetic procedure, its results are greatly driven by the experience and knowledge of the cosmetic surgeon who performs it. Hence, if you ever wish to have a liposuction surgery in Pune, Karishma Cosmetic Clinic is your most reliable option. Headed by Dr. Suresh Sanghvi, one of India’s finest cosmetic and plastic surgeons, you can be assured to get the best treatment options and results for any cosmetic surgery in Pune at his clinic. You can even visit the Karishma Cosmetic website to learn more about their advanced approaches to providing a Vaser liposuction in Pune.

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