All You Need To Know About Birthmark Removal Treatment

Birthmarks are normally harmless to the skin but few birthmarks may need to be treated for medical reasons and many opt for birthmark removal treatment in Pune for cosmetic reasons. However, in both the cases, a proper knowledge about the treatment options, causes, and risks associated with it is clearly a wise input one can give.

Karishma cosmetics have been helping the patients receive a healthy and clear skin for years now. Whether it is your medical necessity or cosmetic requirement, our experts will make sure the best results are sought to enhance your overall looks and personality. So, if you are struggling to get birthmark removal cost or simply Google birthmark removal near me then we got you covered.

What is a Birthmark?

Birthmarks are known to be a mole, bump, or spot present on the skin of an infant during birth. Usually, these marks need not be treated unless it takes the form of a mole or gets quite noticeable. Our expert team understands that the mole removal treatment might be harmless but many wish for it to be diminished or removed completely.

Types of Birthmarks

Birthmarks are mainly categorized into two: Vascular and pigmented. Furthermore, these two categories are sub-divided into three types:

Vascular Birthmarks

1) Post-Wine Stains: These marks usually occur in the form of a wine color or grape juice hence, the name it resembles. Such stain doesn’t vanish without treatment and as the child grows, the mole takes a huge form.

2) Hemangiomas: This form of birthmark appears either upper or lower layer of the skin. The upper layer of skin birthmark is round, dark red, and often resembles the strawberry fruit. Hence, it is known as strawberry Hemangiomas. On the other hand, the below-surface birthmark is blue or purple in color and often makes the skin bulge out.

3) Salmon Patches: Mothers love to give these birthmark cute names such as angel kisses, and stork bites, and so on. The mole occurs either in pink or dark red patches and most of them vanish with time. However, some of them might need a professional assistance for mole removal treatment.

Pigmented Birthmarks

1) Moles: We all know someone having one or more moles on their skin. This usually appears in a brown, black, or pink colored form. However, such moles vanish naturally and might not need any treatment unless it itches, bleeds, or seems abnormal on the skin.

2) Café-au-lait Spots: The name defines “coffee with milk” as these moles looks like coffee in the milk. They have numerous forms of shape and colors and usually does not fade away naturally.

3) Mongolian Spots: People with dusky or dark skin tone are likely to have such moles. People often misconsider it as bruises due to its grayish or smudged appearance.

Birthmark Treatment

Treatment for both pigmented and vascular birthmarks are available here at Karishma Cosmetics. The approach for different types of mole depends on its nature, risks, and benefits after treatment. Moreover, the mole removal cost is the most competitive one here. The treatment depends on the nature of your affected tissue. Laser surgery, scalpel surgery, and rarely radiation are effective for fading or removing the moles forever. Consult our expert team today for more details regarding the various aspects of birthmark removal treatments.

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