3 Prime Cosmetic Treatments Included In Your Mommy Makeover Package

Becoming a mom brings eternal joy and fulfillment in any woman’s life. However, with the pleasure of feeding a new life comes the discomfort of unwanted fat gain, breast distortions, and aging signs. Most of these problems do not respond to a balanced diet, regular exercise, or home remedies. Consequently, it has led to a foreseen rise in the number of modern-day mothers looking for aesthetic solutions that can help them regain their pre-pregnancy looks and curves.

To help these mothers achieve their youthful body without spending extensive time and money on multiple treatments, cosmetic clinics devised the all-inclusive package of mommy makeover surgery in Pune.
A mommy makeover surgeon thoroughly analyzes your body to decide which cosmetic therapies and surgeries would be necessary to restore your skin and contours. Here are some of the cosmetic surgeries that are commonly included in the mommy makeover treatment packages:

Circumferential Abdominoplasty:
Most new moms develop fat deposits that saturate in common areas such as the lower belly, buttocks, and thighs. Abdominoplasty procedure involves a combination of cosmetic treatments such as Liposuction, which helps remove saturated fat deposits from under the skin, and tummy tuck surgery, where the excess, saggy skin is incised to fix the contouring.
This way, the entire circumference of the belly, dimpled texture of buttocks, and the inner and other thighs will be slimmed down and reshaped to suit your overall body’s built.

Breast Reconstruction:
Female breasts undergo drastic changes after pregnancy and throughout the lactation period. They either lose their elasticity and become saggy or experience volume change and become small or overgrown.
There are different reconstructive surgeries for each of these problems. Breast augmentation surgery involves enhancing the volume of small or saggy breasts by placing synthetic implants within. Whereas of large overgrown breasts, reduction mammaplasty is performed. During these surgeries, our mommy makeover surgeon will also fix any distortions in your nipples to suit your new breasts.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments:
Your facial skin may lose some of its suppleness and elasticity after childbirth and develop wrinkles, pigmentations, and other aging lines. Regular facials and herbs may not be able to improve such conditions.
The mommy makeover surgeon will also perform special facial reshaping and revitalizing therapies, including botox injections, filler injections, facelift surgery, etc.

While opting for any cosmetic surgery in Pune, it is crucial that you find a surgically equipped clinic with board-certified surgeons and cosmetologists. Karishma Cosmetic is one such advanced clinic that is highly recommended and regarded for our specialized mommy makeover surgery in Pune. If you’re a young mother wondering how we can help you achieve your youthful body, simply reach out to our mommy makeover surgeon and get to know your best treatment options.

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