10 False And Partially True Myths About Gynecomastia – Explained!

One of the things most men hate is being metaphorized with feminine aspects in general, such as ‘girly throw’, ‘girly walk’, and the more discomforting, ‘man boobs’. Man boobs, which is a physical condition known as ‘Gynecomastia’, is quite common in youngsters and adult men, and also the major cause of demoralisation and embarrassment in most of them. This condition has existed since the existence of mankind and modern science has found various treatments to treat it effectively.

However, throughout the ages, several myths relating to gynecomastia have been circulated without hard evidence or rational understanding. Most of them are outright false while some may have partial truth in them. There’s a good chance of you harbouring one of these myths and haven’t really taken time for fact-checking. So, here are the most commonly spoken myths about gynecomastia and the truth behind them:

Myth 1 – Gynecomastia Are Fat Accumulation And Nothing Else:

This is partially true, as gynecomastia can be due to excess fat accumulation or enlargement of the breast glands present in the chest. In fact, in almost 75% of the cases, the cause of gynecomastia is both excess fat and enlarged glands in men.

Myth 2 – Everyone Can Cure Gynecomastia With Just Physical Exercise:

Firstly, reducing chest fat with any physical exercise is next to impossible. And if the cause of your gynecomastia is enlarged breast glands, then they will not reduce with exercise at all, proving this myth false altogether.

Myth 3 – Gynecomastia Is A Symptom Of Breast Cancer:

Multiple studies have shown no connection between the incidence of breast cancer in men and gynecomastia. The cause for this myth might be the Klinefelter’s syndrome, where men with this genetic condition increase the chances of breast cancer in men with gynecomastia as compared to men without it.

Myth 4 – Gynecomastia can only be resolved through MAJOR SURGICAL procedures

No, there have been several cases of physiological gynecomastia which resolved without intervention. In fact, gynecomastia surgeries aren’t performed for at least a year after their development as they resolve themselves most of the time. Also, man boobs caused by medicinal reactions can be resolved by altering the medication itself.

Even when one opts for surgical reduction of gynecomastia, the modern surgical techniques are next to non-invasive. This surgery is performed with ‘keyhole’ size incisions around the areolas to remove the enlarged glands and fat with minimal scar and instant recovery.

Myth 5 – Gynecomastia Is Caused By Eating Excess Eggs, Chicken, Soy Etc.

This is absolutely no scientific evidence linking any food item to development of gynecomastia till date. It is safe to say that you can eat anything you want as long as you keep your fat intake and body weight in check.

Myth 6 – The Results Of Gynecomastia May Relapse In A Year:

As you’re aware, gynecomastia surgery involves removal of all the breast glands which cause the enlargement. Without the glands, it is highly unlikely that the condition will relapse after the surgery even in several years.

Myth 7 – Drinking Beer Causes Gynecomastia:

Although not directly true, there is some indirect truth in this myth. As we all know that excess alcoholism leads to weight gain which can cause gynecomastia. Also, drinking causes severe liver disorders which can also be linked to the development of man boobs.

Myth 8 – Gynecomastia Left Alone Has No Harm:

As gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic treatment and not a medical one, it could be said that this condition doesn’t cause any direct physical harm to the body. However, this surgery becomes vital for people who suffer severe social embarrassment or mental depression due to this condition.

Myth 9 – Gynecomastia Is A Genetic Condition:

Again, partially true, as in most cases, this condition develops due to enlargement of breast glands caused due to

  • Increased estrogen levels
  • Ageing (old or middle age)
  • Consumption of steroidal drugs and other medications
  • Excess body fat

Myth 10 – In India, One Can Opt For Gynecomastia Surgery Only After Turning 18:

Partially true, and the minimum age for having cosmetic surgery in most countries is 18. However, youngsters below the age of 18 can have cosmetic surgery with documented parental consent.

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